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Why Evaluation Services?

Evaluation has increasingly been recognized as an important part of organizational work. But access to training about and performance of evaluation, and sustaining enhanced evaluation capacity is often challenging. This is especially true for Nonprofit organizations where resources are stretched thin.


Evaluation Services is a multi-faceted approach I use to support the evaluation-related work of others in Nonprofit and Philanthropic organizations.  My goal is to help organizations use evaluation – by serving as an independent external evaluator, as an evaluation partner undertaking participatory evaluation, as a trainer, and/or as an advisor/coach for learning and completion of actual evaluation projects.

Recent Client feedback:

Dear Anita,

I would like once again to thank you and the Bruner Foundation for the opportunity to learn from your insights by teaching in a workshop for 35 NGO representatives in Israel.  We learned a lot from your experience and received wonderful feedback from the participants.


You really have a way of explaining very complicated content in a very simple and pleasant way - and you managed to do all this in only 3.5 hours.


I truly hope we will have more opportunities to collaborate in the future.


Please send our warm gratitude to Beth Bruner and the Bruner Foundation as well.



Guy Beigel

CEO, Midot

Midot is an Israeli non-profit company that strives to promote effectiveness and impact as the main criterion for social investors and for NPO leaders by rating NPOs and producing sector analysis reports.

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"I really learned a lot over the entire period of the training and I really enjoyed working with Anita. The sessions also helped us with serious team building. For all you did for us and especially for who you are--Thanks so much."
--Quote from a Trainee Participant, Long-Term, Comprehensive Evaluation Capacity Building

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