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Project Clearinghouse

An interactive online Project Clearinghouse is one of our newest developments. The clearinghouse is intended to be a rich online resource for nonprofit and funding organizations exploring ways to build evaluative capacity​. Extensive data available to review from a variety of our successful projects.

​Applied Learning Projects

Applied Learning: Evaluation Design or Implementation

Key Components in 

Evaluation Capacity Building

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Applied learning is the application of basic and advanced evaluation skills to specific, real-time program and organization evaluation needs with the guidance of a seasoned evaluator.

The projects on the right demonstrate ways of deepening the use of evaluation in organizations with existing capacity and commitment to maintain or increase that capacity by continuing to conduct guided evaluation projects.

The Metrowest Evaluator’s Institute (MWEI) in Framingham, MA, supported participants as they developed program descriptions and logic models, and designed comprehensive evaluations.  The Evaluation Support Project (ESP) in Rochester, NY supported participants in the development of evaluation design for a new program that required a focus on observation and record review strategies.

The Rochester Effectiveness Partnership (REP), Anchoring and Building Evaluation Capacity (BEC) projects also used this strategy extensively to promote learning.

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Evaluation Services current trainings, conferences and projects.  Resources for download listed by project.  

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